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Hi, and i'm sorry :(

Listen, i know i may have did something to make a few people mad, but you took it the wrong way! I didnt mean to hurt anyone, i didnt mean to do anything wrong. I just repeated something a few have said... And again i'm sorry... Its time for me to disappear again... I love everyone...and im sorry T-T

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Hi everyone,
I just want to say Hi and whats up and I just want to tell you all that I am NOT dead. So I really have nothing to talk about besides, me feeling super sick right now. Anyways, I have a new story coming out soon, and I all hope that you guys will read it. Its called Private Girls, and I hope that I will be able to release Chapter 1 out today.
Uh, well nothing has been new with me lately. I have been reading a really good book its called "Graceling" and its written by Kristin Chashore. I think you guys should check it out, its quite amusing. Life has been boring so I thought why not read a book? I really didn't do much simming or anything. Nor, did I go on the forums I have been just looking at blogs.

See ya later.
Kam.I just really had to post a sexy picture of him. *drools*

Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff?

I know, it isn't that popular, but still where is the trailer for this Stuff Pack?


my fav. simmies (:

born in-game, my fav. toddler of all time, Cale (: 

my attempt and fail at my sim self xD


the triplets (: born in-game

I was playin with the lighting on gimp... for the first time :P so, thats why it looks bad xD

and last but not least
charlie :]

okay, those are some of my fav. simmies I've made :P yeah, they suck, I know, but I just wanted to share.

Back =)

Back from Ocean City =)

So now I can post again. Yayz ^.^

I heard about the new EP. I can't wait...:P who can? it sounds awesome...
I hope the vampires don't sparkle. Even though I like Twilight. xD

So how is everyone

Hey everyone!! Just wondering how everyone is doing? I haven't been around much the last few days cause I'm at some family reunion till tommorrow morning *cheers*. Then tomorrow morning my family and my aunts and uncles and cousins are all going to a lake house for the week, a relief from this family reunion. Tonight, we all 100 or so of us had a giant picture session *facepalm*. First, all of the grandmas and grandpas took a picture, and then there kids, and then me and my cousins and my second and thir cousins (whatever they are, I'm not really sure) and then the 20 or so little kids that were the kids of my generation. Anyways, after the crazy picture session we all went in and ate; it was really. hard getting everyone food lol. And after that was dance time!! Well no, most of the adults went into the bar, and since I'm not 18 yet, I got kicked out!! So about an hour later all of my cousins, two of my aunts and two of my uncles, and I all snuck out of the "party" for pizza. Well, guess what? There are two pizza places in town!! One of which, was 100 degrees, so we left that, and then one which was also a bar. Two of my cousins and I walked in first, and let's just say, within the first 10 seconds, I must have been checked out by 10 different people.... totally akward. So since the pizza idea was a fail, my cousins and I all decided to go back to our hotel rooms while two of my cousins, and my aunts and uncles went out to a bar and the rest of my family is probably still at the reunion.

So yea, this reunion has been fun :/ but only brunch tomorrow morning and it is over and we are going on vacation. My part of the family was definetely the life of the party!! Not. We spent most of the time attempting to figure out a way to get out of it lol.

So how is everyone!!

Good Sims 3 Machinima

These are just a few sims 3 machinimas I found and liked, so I'm sharing them to any of you who want to see them.


Yay, the forums where filled with many gifting threads the last two days!! I love seeing other simmers gift eachother.

I gifted 1000 simpoints worth of things this morning, and plan on doing 500 more simpoints in the near future

Keep the gifting going simmers!

Just sayin...


Best. Day. EVER.

So yesterday, (Sunday) was the Vans Warped Tour and I went with a friend and met some people there. There was over 70 bands there but I went there with a goal, and only one goal, which was to meet Travis, Danny, Drew and Hunter, the members of the band We The Kings (mostly Travis).
We look at the lineup and they aren't playing until 7:25 at night and it was 11 o'clock, we had 8 more hours. While walking around we notice that Christofer Drew(nevershoutnever) was playing at 11:30 and we flip out! So we go to the stage where he is playing and we are basically in the front row! Christofer was adorable and did an amazing job, even on crutches! I even got some great pictures.

I was so excited! After that we walk over to the We The Kings tent and find out they are having a meet and greet! It costs $30 and there were only 40 tickets so of course I got them! The meet and greet was at 4:25 so we had all day to walk around and enjoy the music!

Finally, it got to around that time so we got in line and I was ecstatic! Then I look over and here comes Travis and I flip out!

So, I'm waiting anxiously and then it's my turn to go in and meet them! The first thing I see is Travis and I attack hug him and all the other members! I'm freaking out saying, "Oh my freaking god I love you so much!" that's all could say! I had them all sign my ticket and they were really chill talking to me! I even got a group shot with all four of them. When I was about to leave the tent when Travis came up to me and hugged me and I said, "I love you sooo much" and he said, "I love you too, stay beautiful." I almost cried, I could not stop smiling and was shaking for the next hour!

We The Kings finally performed and my friends and I were in the FRONT ROW, jumping around screaming like morons, I had to of yelled I love you Travis 50 times! They were amazing, they even played their sexiest song ever(my favorite song ever), Secret Valentine! Of course my camera dies while they are playing, so I only got a few.

I didn't expect you to read all of that, but it was the best day of my life! I am still smiling from Travis :D
I had pictures up, but to be honest I don't really want those on the internet so I took them off

Upcoming Stories!

Hi readers! I'm here to tell you that I will be hosting a story here! Theres going to be a different one on my own blog, too! If you want the link, here it is! http://thecrackofdawnsheart.blogspot.com/

Look out for an update soon!

Random Fail

I know this is not sims related but I just wanted to share, hope some of you will get a laugh out of this.

So some of you might have heard of Fail Blog, where people post pictures of everday fails. Well, today I uploaded a fail that I found last night, and I hope that this actually is a fail and I am not just making a fool of myself xD.

Anyways, if you want to rate the fail you can here and please comment on what you think:

Advertising Fail

Favorite Creature?

What is your favorite Sims 3 creature? Post your comment below!

Ghost, Mummy, or Simbot?
...or maybe even a Simbot Ghost, Mummy Ghost?


Question of the Day!! :D

I just wanted to ask the simming community if Taylor Lautner is hott?

In my opinion he is just, a super sexy guy and you can even check my page because then you can finally get it :D

New design! And we're sticking with it!

Well after shuffling threw a few ten or twenty backgrounds we found the one we all agree on!
Not too bright, but not too dark.
Not too girly, but not too boyish.
Not too professional, but classic enough.
Good enough for our blog :D
So I leave you with another picture of a happeh kitteh with a happeh doggeh

Mods with an Additude

I had a good chuckle after reading IanMamainred's reply to this simmer. Can't you feel the saucyness and attidue that this mod is speaking with! This simmer was told off by a mod!! "I don't know how to be more clear", when what she really means to say is, 'how stupid can you be, I've told you this a thousand times, can't you open your ears and listen for once! You are like my 2 year old son.'


Hai der.... um, this feels so awkward. So, I'm happy to be apart of this blog because I won't really be around the forums anymore. Well...that's it and thanks to everyone who let me come here! :D

Oh and here's something we will all enjoy, (well maybe just me XD)....


New Sim :3

Hai everyone, I made a new sim today. her name is Gracelyn. She joined the Detective career. Its her LTW :3
Me thinks she might hook up with this Justin guy in Twinbrook XD


Hello there World

HI! *waves* Umm I really don't know what to post about so I am just dropping in to say Hi. And that its an honor being part on this blog :)

Peace out my lovers

StrawberryCayke-Personal Designer of Blog

Haaai thar :D
I felt like posting, since I only posted once.
I design what the blog looks like, it's pretty popsicles >^.^<
Well, now to work on the banner.
I leave you with a picture of a kitten and puppy :3

Trust me :]

Hop in my van. :]

Was this neccessary?

So as I mentioned in my first post, although I doubt many of you actually read it, I am doing some sort of farm challenge thing. And well, my sims being compeletely poor, can not afford walls. And to make it even worse, a robber decides to come and rob them of the little they have. Couldn't the robber have went to the Alto's or the Landgrab's house, they have much better things.

Stupid robber, I hope you are happy with your new junk


Thank you for the PERMA BAN!!! I love you EA!

EA, my best friends, my life long companion, my soul mate. I just wanted to thank you for this lovely perma bann, it was greatly appreciated. I would have glady sent you a gift for my lovely perma ban, but I can no longer give gifts, so I will be keeping my money to myself, I mean, it's not like you already have taken enough of my money.

Thank You EA!!! I will greatly enjoy this perma ban and use it to the best of my ability, it was the best gift I have ever recieved!

Bob The Stickman

(Click it for it to be bigger)

Free Cupcakes! :D

OHAI! Well, since someone decided to steal the free cookies * cough * rayy * cough *, I thought I would be awesome and give some cupcakes :3 yay for cupcakes and stolen cookies!! ~ <3 chronic

Free Cookie!

Here is your free cookie!

Be hypnotized..


Response to a question

Okay, this has been bothering me a little bit so I just wanted to make a short comment to this. First of all, we did not “cosy up to serial trolls on the pretext of another chance”. When I first met Erick, I didn’t even know who he was or what he did in the past on the forums. I came into that chat with an open mind and thought he was a decent person and therefore, did not turn against him. I was definitely not looking for drama either and I think I can say that none of us in that chat wanted drama, but merely used that chat as an escape from the drama. I try to keep my life as drama free as possible and I most definitely was not going to go searching for it on the internet.

“Bad Blood Bank”….. Ok, I have no idea what that means but I’m pretty sure it is negatively connoted, but I really have no comment because it could mean free ice cream for a year for all I know. But the AoSS did not influence the deletion of my blog, I was just sick of having my own blog. I know many people are going to say then why did you join this blog, or I thought you left the forums? Well, some things have happened and I realized that leaving the forums completely, and all of my friends that I made there, and yes, we are all friends, not a group of people looking for popularity or drama, was not the best idea, but merely an impulsive act.

And to answer your question, since you obviously want an answer, it was worth it “hanging around with the ‘bad boys’”. Are you kidding!? I mean really, did you think I went to that chat just to feel like a rebel? I went there because my friends were there, and I did have my fun there so yea, you know what, it was worth it.

And by the way, in no way do I mean to make the mare’s nest mad, but I was just responding to the question they asked me. I hope you like your answer and I hope my response was quick enough.

I <3 the mare’s nest.

Awesome CC finds- SimCrazy

Ok, so I felt like posting some stuff about some awesome new CC/Lots, Etc being made for Sims 3. I spotted this on MS3B, it looks pretty amazing! If you do download this, please tell us about it!

It is an Asian town/district. It looks like the creator really spent a lot of time on this! It has 3 different homes, it almost reminds me of condos/apartments. Will have to try this out in game. Hopefully my computer can handle it. It is a huge lot!




OHAI!!!! Well, this is a...introduction? I guess? I dunno >.> whutevar.. HEHE :3 So, yeah im like one of the peoples who like contirbute to this blog. ( im such a captain obvious arent i XD ) So yay! ~ <3 chronic

Kittys :3


After Dark EP Rumour

So, there are rumours of After Dark EP. Do YOU think it is true?



Welcome :3

Welcome :3



What is that, you say? Well, my friend that is a penis pump. Lol, I would post more pictures but 4chan didn't exactly have appropriate pics to post. Lol, got to love /b/. ;]
hai everyoneee :P
welcomes to our bloggeh
isnt it cuteee? :3 xD

-alexis <3

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to our new joined blog, where a bunch of us simmer friends came to post!

Today I just started a new challenge like thing. I think it was made up before, but basically I am making my simself live like a farmer, legacy style!! This is their house so far, I know it is not much xD.

Anyway, I just needed something to post as a first post and this is all I could think about xD.
ily all!

Our new blog!

Hi, and welcome to HappehSauceSimmers. This is a joint blog. We will post about sims, pretty much anything! We hope that you will enjoy it! Have a pleasant experience here!


First postie!

The LOLSims I'm afraid to post.
Laugh at it.
K bye :D
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